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AUGUST 2-8, 2020  

Dubuque Farmers' Market (DFM) joins markets across the country in celebration of National Farmers Market Week in coordination with the National Farmers Market Coalition. 

Farmers Market Week showcases the efforts of our amazing Farmers' Markets. DFM provides tools and templates to help market managers, vendors and shoppers get involved in the festivities. 

This year we are holding majority of our activities virtual on our social media pages and ending with our Saturday Farmers' Market, with COVID regulations in place. 

Photo Contest - Monday August 3, 2020 

We love farmers' markets and we know you do too! Our markets have been in overtime this year to keep our communities well-fed in safe and accessible ways and in honor of National Farmers' Market Week, we want to showcase everything we cherish about them. From the friendly faces to the beautiful food, we want to see your reason(s!) for loving farmers' markets.

Winners in each category of our online photo contest have their photo featured on our website, social media channels, and receive a small DFM prize. In addition, one grand prize winner will have their photo featured on our website for one year. They will also receive a market goodie bag and unending bragging rights.


2020 categories are:

  • Pretty Products: Irresistible sun gold tomatoes, steaming burritos, shining honey jars spread on a beautiful tablecloth… what’s your favorite?

  • Market Goodies: We know that farmers' markets are ALL about fruits and veggies. From tasty treats to beautiful alpaca wool mittens, there are so many amazing non-produce products at market and AMAZING creations that customers come up with when they take their produce home. Have you seen a beautiful product at market? Made an amazing meal once you got home? Show us your goodies!

  • The Big Picture: All markets look different from afar. What does yours look like when you take a step back? What’s special about where your market takes place? What does a customer see when they approach your market? Show us your vistas!

  • COVID Creativity: This year has thrown a new challenge at markets as they work to stay safe and keep up their essential work of getting food to the community and supporting small businesses. What has your market changed or created to help this work happen? What sort of fashion-masks and socially-distanced connections have you seen? From great signage to creative vendor layouts, we have been SO impressed by the creativity and commitment to safety of our market communities.

  • Community Love: People are the heart of markets. Show us your community! Families of all shapes and sizes, shoppers old and young, diverse faces and happy smiles. Loyal customers, hardworking vendors, supportive staff- everyone is welcome! Whether a candid action shot or cutie posed photo, this is the spot to show off your community!

To enter the photo contest: 

- Send via Facebook Messenger 

-Email to Jo Lynn at 

Recipe Challenge- Tuesday August 4, 2020 

What could be more delicious than a home cooked meal, made with love, from local farm-direct ingredients grown with care? Nothing!

With more folks than ever eating and cooking at home, now is an excellent time to share our recipes, food traditions, and stories with our neighbors! Our vendors and market staff have been working overtime to keep their communities safe and fed this year, so its our turn to celebrate their bounty this Farmers' Market Week (Aug 2-8).

Enter the Farmers' Market Week 2020 Recipe Challenge by sending your recipe, photo or video to our Facebook Page private message or emailing to Jo Lynn at 

A committee, made up of DFM staff and board members, will judge the recipes. Winners will have their recipe featured on our website and social media, receive a small DFM prize and have unending bragging rights!


Winners will be announced during Farmers Market Week, beginning August 2nd.

2020 CATEGORIES are:

  • Main categories:

    • Soup

    • Snack or Appetizer

    • Breakfast or brunch

    • Main dish

    • Side dish starring veggies

    • Beverage

    • Dessert or sweet baked goods

  • "Extra" categories:

    • Vegetarian

    • Vegan

    • Camping or hiking

    • Quick and Easy (5 ingredients or less)

    • Regionally significant

NFMW Square 3.jpg

Social Media - Wednesday August 5, 2020 

We invite everyone-vendors and customers to participate in a social media giveaway! Go to our Facebook Page to be entered to win. 

Through out this week we encourage you to use the following hashtags: 


#FarmeresMarketsAre Essential 




Local $5 Pledge - Thursday August 6, 2020 

We’re encouraging all of Dubuque to take a pledge to spend $5 a week on locally produced foods. $5 might not seem like a lot, but if every person in Dubuque County dedicated $5 of their grocery money each week to local foods, we would contribute over $25 million back into the state’s economy. Even better, the money you spend won’t be going to a stranger out West – it will go right back into your community, helping out your neighbors and friends.


Already eating a lot of local food? You can challenge yourself to try new foods every week, and see if you can double your impact with $10, $20, or more.

Supporting local food doesn’t just help the economy, though. Purchasing your food close to home often means it will be fresher, in-season, and tastier than food grown thousands of miles away. Many small farmers also grow organically, with regenerative practices that encourage healthy soil and water. Local food also promises cleaner air – the average piece of produce in the US travels over 1,500 miles to your plate, adding up to a lot of additional CO2 emissions! And by supporting small farmers here, you help to make sure our beautiful rural landscapes aren’t sold to developers.

Perhaps the best part of local eating is the increased connections you make with others in the community. Don’t be afraid to talk to the farmer at the market, or the small restaurant sourcing local ingredients. Ask questions about where, when, and how your food was grown or made. Get to know the food producers and businesses around you – what you find might surprise you!

Thank you so much for your support of local food!

*This is just a pledge saying that you will participate in $5 towards local food a week. You are not pledging any cash up-front, you are signing your name saying that you will spend your own $5 a week in the local community* 

Information - Friday August 7, 2020 

The Farmers' Market Coalition has provided a number of info graphics for markets to use as promotion during FMW. Share this information with your friends, family, social platforms and more! 

Visit Market & Instagram Contest- Saturday August 8, 2020 

The Dubuque Farmers’ Market operates on Saturdays beginning in May through the end of October, for the total of 27 weeks, Rain or Shine! Visit us this Saturday, August 7 from 7 AM to Noon. Make sure to thank a Farmers' Market vendor while you are at market to celebrate National Farmers' Market Week! 

To participate in the Instagram contest: 

  1. Shop your Dubuque Farmers' Market and stop by the money market booth to get a sticker! 

  2. Take a photo of yourself, a farmer, shopper, baby, tomato – anyone or anything! – wearing a sticker We know how cute a photo opt is with your furry loved one, but we ask for no pets at market. If want to bring a sticker home, you can! 

  3. Post the photo to Instagram with the hashtag #DubuqueFarmersMarket


Video from our Vendors- Sunday August 9th 

Check out our Facebook page on this day for the video! 

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