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No cash?

No problem! 

We have our own local currency, market tokens! 

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BUY TOKENS: Purchase “Market Money” tokens at the Money Market Booth. You may purchase tokens in any amount that you choose. Tokens come in $5 token increments, they expire on 12/31/2026 and are great to be given as gifts, for birthdays and presents. There are no limitations on purchases with these tokens, all vendors at Dubuque Farmers' Market accept these tokens. 

IMPORTANT TOKEN CHANGE: Yellow Plastic $5 tokens are being replaced with wooden $5 tokens and a expiration date has been added. 

If customers still have yellow $5 tokens from past seasons that they have not used, we ask that they exchange them for the new wooden $5 token at the Dubuque Main Street Office starting April 1st (1069 Main Street Dubuque, Iowa 52001) during office hours, Monday-Friday 9 AM to 4 PM.


Yellow tokens will no longer be accepted at market starting June 2024. Yellow Tokens can not be exchanged at the Dubuque Farmers’ Market, tokens may only be exchanged at the Dubuque Main Street office.

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SNAP/EBT: Customers using their SNAP/EBT card will receive blue tokens in $1 increments. Standard SNAP/EBT restrictions apply; therefore, these $1 tokens may only be used to purchase vegetables, fruit, meat, seafood, dairy products, breads, seeds and plants. The $1 tokens may not be used to purchase non-food items, merchandise, ready-to-eat foods and flowers. Vendors can not make change for the $1 tokens.

DOUBLE UP FOOD BUCKS: The Dubuque Farmers Market is dedicated to making fresh, healthy, locally grown produce available to everyone in our community. We’re also dedicated to supporting our local farmers. That’s why we’re providing all SNAP participants with a dollar-for-dollar match to spend with our vendors. For every $1 of SNAP funds redeemed, SNAP participants will also receive a $1 Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) token (up to $10) every week of the market. To receive your SNAP and DUFB tokens, simply swipe your EBT card at the SNAP/DEBIT booth and use the tokens to shop with our vendors.

DUFB Vendors Voices 

DUFB Customer Voices 

DUFB FAQ for Farmers Markets 


*DUFB expires  December 31, 2024.*

Project Rooted $5 Bucks: Project Rooted Bucks can be used at certain vendors who sell, vegetables, fruits, whole grain bread, meats, cheese, eggs, herbs, plants that produce food, syrup and honey. These bucks can not be exchanged for currency and vendors can not charge sales tax. Questions about Rooted Bucks contact

WIC AND SENIOR FARM DIRECT NUTRITION PROGRAM  (FDNP): Customers participating in the Farm Direct Nutrition Program may use their WIC or Senior checks with eligible farmers at the Market. They are specifically for locally-produced fresh, unprocessed fruit and vegetables. Check out the Iowa State Farm Direct Nutrition Program website for more information.

FIND A PARTICIPATING FARMER or VENDOR: Look for a sign on each participating vendor or farmer’s booth that have the type of tokens their booth accepts.

BUY LOCAL: Make your selection and purchase your items using your Market Money Tokens. If you are paying with yellow tokens, you can get cash change back from the Vendor. If you are paying with EBT/SNAP, Double Up Food Bucks, WIC or FDNP there is no cash back. It’s that easy!

The Dubuque Farmers’ Market is proud to participate in the EBT/SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks program. Good nutrition is important for all of us, regardless of age, income level, or circumstance. And there is no better way to good nutrition and good health than through locally-grown and raised, natural products.

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