Public Health officials have published Certified Farmers' Markets as an essential public service equivalent to grocery stores.  All market staff, farmers and producers are dedicated to adhering to health and safety standards, and providing safe and reliable access to nutritious foods necessary to a healthy community.Please reach out with any questions at

How you can help:​

  • Keep your market visit simple and short; buy what you need and do not linger, socialize, or congregate in the market space. 

  • Households should have no more than one or two people in their shopping group. If possible, leave children and vulnerable family members at home.

  • No pets are permitted in the market. 

  • All patrons MUST WEAR MASKS throughout the their visit at market, in accordance with the City of Dubuque mask mandate regarding the use of cloth face coverings. 

  • Wash your hands (for 20 seconds) when you enter the market space. We have hand washing stations available!

  • Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other shoppers, especially when in line. Market managers will be reminding shoppers to keep their distance. 

  • Pre-order with your favorite vendors as much as possible for quick and contact-free pickup at the market with our 2020 Digital Directory. If you cannot pre-order, bring your grocery list so you can make your market visit as quick as possible. 

  • No browsing or lingering at market tents! Aim to get in and out of the market in under 30 minutes. 

  • Try to attend the market earlier in the day, when attendance is lower. 

  • If you are sick, or a member of your family is sick, STAY HOME. 

  • Wash your produce when you get home.

Market Safety Measures:

  • Hand washing stations will be available

  • All staff MUST WEAR MASKS throughout the day, in accordance wit the CDC recommendation regarding the use of cloth face coverings. 

  • Chalk marks for lines for social distancing between vendor booths

  • Plenty of signage to remind everyone the regulations 

  • Frequent cleaning of market equipment- Market managers will wipe down commonly used surfaces, such as the market information table, EBT redemption devices (phones, card swipers).

  • We have postponed all market community events, including music, entertainment, community tables, and sponsor tables.

  • Proper adherence to state & county health code

As markets REMAIN OPEN, we remind you of the benefits of shopping for nutrient dense produce from small family farms:

  • Fresh produce rich with vitamins & nutrients essential to maintain a healthy immune system

  • Low risk, open air environment allows for social spacing of 6ft.

  • Sunlight provides a powerful, natural disinfectant and exposure to vitamin D

  • Food directly traveling from the farm is handled at a much lower rate than in the commercial system

As we continue to maintain our health through the power of natural foods, we encourage and thank those who support our local family farms & businesses.



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